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Lightning - All-inclusive design – excluding no gender

A talk by Sara Lerén at EuroIA 2015

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September 24, 2015 5:15 PM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

How much difference does one question about gender make? Quite a lot if I’m part of the ca 5 % of humanity who are transgender. Then it’s just one more situation among many others where I’m needlessly excluded.

The good news is that designing for all genders is one of the easiest ways to do inclusive design. If gender doesn’t matter when I’m using a system, it shouldn’t matter when I’m signing up to use it or when I’m evaluating it. I’ll show you a range of alternatives from the Facebook approach with 50+ different options to just skipping the question altogether.

Why bothering? The main advantage to a more gender-inclusive approach is of course that we contribute to more sustainable products that include more people. Another major advantage is that we can prevent our confirmation bias from getting in the way of creating great design. By stepping away from personas and demographic data we are more likely to see our users for who they really are.

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