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Adding common sense to common design problems

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September 24, 2015 5:15 PM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

The idea for this presentation occurred right after the Germanwing tragedy. The need (or demand) for tightening the inflight security after 9-11, suddenly ended up being used as a mean to cause another horrible tragedy. If design decisions weren’t based on fear perhaps this other tragedy could have been prevented. And we have numerous of other cases that tell the same story of consequences of design decisions. Take democracy for instance – we are trying to protect freedom by limiting the very freedom they are trying to protect.

The basis of most design project starts with a problem that needs to be solved. This is one of the most common definitions of a designer’s job. Identify the problem; articulate the solution; job done. This is a very rational view on our profession, so what happens when our professionalism are suddenly blurred by irrational emotions such as admiration, disgust, arrogance or maybe even fear?

The quality of IA and UX start at the very beginning by identifying the problem. If the designer is misguided by hype, fear, admiration, false trust she most likely will end up straying away from the real problem thus ending up with the perfect solution to the wrong problem. If the very core of the project is out of tune, then the whole project will end in disaster. By adding a bit of common sense and by asking the right questions we have a better foundation to design from.

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