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Uncovering The Hidden Source of Value

A talk by Ray Gallon at EuroIA 2015

About the Talk

September 24, 2015 5:15 PM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

In 2002, Jesse James Garrett wrote,

There is an ever-increasing body of knowledge about the research that can inform the creative process [of designing an information architecture]; likewise, there is an established set of methods for evaluating the results of this process. But the process itself – the core of our work – remains a mystery, a gaping hole in our understanding of the disciplines of information architecture.

Put another way, the source of value in our profession is always hidden. Just as technical brilliance doesn’t guaranty the beauty of a pianist’s interpretation, acquisition of IA methodology tells us little or nothing about our ability to know, when undertaking any IA project, what defines success, or quality in our work.

In this presentation I explain how concepts of Kanban Information, where every element becomes a hologram for the entire project, can help turn the IA into a facilitator of a silo-breaking collaborative process that doesn’t require the entire company to change its culture.

Attendees will get a peek at some new, interesting ways to approach providing high-quality solutions to problems, and to avoid the frustration of butting one’s head against the brick wall of silo cultures.

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