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User Insights, Data Driven Design, and Stakeholder Buy In: A Case Study in Mobile Strategy

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September 25, 2015 4:30 PM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

This case study outlines the process by which a mobile design strategy was developed for Recognizing inconsistencies between internal data and research at large prompted further investigation. Through the use of Assertion Worksheets, Experience Mapping, Qualitative Log analysis, and In-Context Mobile Interviews patterns in user actions and desires were identified. This analysis culminated in an elegant and simple strategy, the artifacts generated also serve as communication tools within our organization.

Following is a description of the techniques. This session will discuss the execution of and insights gathered by each.

The assertion worksheet is structured to identify gaps in knowledge, focus research, facilitate prioritization, and identify impacts to other teams. The Experience Map and the mapping process uncover the key user moments that, once improved, will unlock a more compelling and more valuable overall experience. Qualitative log analysis involves taking data generally used for large aggregate numbers and using a sample to demonstrate workflows. In-context mobile interviews are interviews conducted while the users are in their environment and context of use.

Together, these tools and techniques generated some key research insights and informed our design direction. In addition, the deliverables associated with each technique hold organizational weight and continue to be referenced and utilized.

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