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Taxonomy & UX: Structuring Data to Drive Experiences

A talk by Dave Cooksey at EuroIA 2015

About the Talk

September 26, 2015 9:00 AM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

It’s become commonplace to hear folks talk about the strategic importance of taxonomy. And more and more high-profile and mission critical projects include taxonomy work streams. But not all information architects and user experience designers feel comfortable calling taxonomy their own.

Not to worry. This workshop will explain what taxonomy is (and isn’t) and how it can contribute the structure necessary to drive compelling experiences and automate content production.

We will start by defining taxonomy from the perspective of information science and then translate these foundational concepts to user experience by reviewing practices of taxonomy design for UX projects.

The workshop will include:

  • A common vocabulary of information science concepts & terms adapted for use in UX
  • How taxonomy relates to navigation and search (but is neither of these)
  • How taxonomy can organize content and facilitate dynamic publishing
  • Methods of taxonomy and metadata analysis and design
  • Taxonomy and metadata documentation practices
  • How to test taxonomies with users
  • Taxonomy governance practices

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