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Big Information: Designing Integrated Views on Connected Ecosystems

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September 26, 2015 2:00 PM

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

With the proliferation of digital and mobile, we are leaving a trail of our personal movements and contributions across the digital ecosystem, constantly adding to a giant pile of information. This dynamic space brings us closer together – businesses and customers, users and brands, enterprises and staff, tearing down the remaining walls between us.

As information architects, we learned to understand these dynamics across channels and touchpoints, media and devices, supporting complex journeys with integrated systems. Often, our designs aim for at the meta level: in order to address the pervasive nature of information in complex ecosystems, we develop universal strategies designed to create links where and when they are needed.

This vast amount and unprecedented speed of information creation and exchange frames a key challenge for our businesses and clients: in order to design meaningful relationships and exchanges with their environment, they need to understand what to do with information that is either needed or available. While IT-centric approaches such as big data processing add useful capabilities, they fail to address core questions of use, meaning and value – questions that are at the heart of Information Architecture as a discipline.

We will present a design-led approach to “Big Information” modelling, leading to a connected and consistent view of knowledge and information needs from the ecosystem actors we address. Using semantic modelling techniques as applied in Business and Enterprise Architecture, we can develop views that trace through to the capabilities needed to act upon an information insight. Beyond the design of digital information spaces, such a model aligns the business around the experience.

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