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All-round careful Software Development with GitHub Services

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March 24, 2015 3:00 PM

Brühl, Germany

Brühl, Germany

Tools for unit testing, building applications, analyzing software quality and planning release scopes are an essential aspect of modern Software Development. With GitHub and "pluggable" external services there are lots of options to move these aspects into "the Cloud". For open source projects this is a viable alternative to on-premise solutions. In this talk I will present and demonstrate the CI-lifecycle of some of my recent projects hosted on GitHub where I tried to integrate modern tools (e.g. Gradle, npm, bower) and external services (e.g. Travis-CI, Code Climate, Coveralls, HuBoard, AmazonSNS, NMA). The benefits and limitations of those services will be honestly illuminated. I am not affiliated with any of the providers mentioned, so this talk will not end up as a marketing show! Instead, the audience is supposed go out of this talk with some new things to try out with their own GitHub projects while hopefully being able to avoid some of the ramp-up difficulties.

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