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Interusability: Designing a coherent system UX for connected products

A talk by Claire Rowland at NUX4

About the Talk

October 23, 2015 2:35 PM

Manchester, UK

Manchester, UK

Conventional usability/UX is concerned with interactions between a user and a single UI. But interactions for connected products (the internet of things) often span multiple devices with very different capabilities. Designers can’t just think about designing separate user interfaces, but need to design a coherent UX for the whole system. This is interusability.

This talk will cover:

  • Helping users form an effective mental model of the system: what different devices do, and how they are interconnected. When is it appropriate to explain the system model–how things actually work–and when to simplify so they don’t need to concern themselves with technical details?

  • Effective composition: distributing functionality between devices to suit the capabilities of the devices and context of use.

  • Appropriate consistency: how to determine which elements of the design should (and should not) be consistent across different interfaces, considering e.g. terminology, platform conventions, aesthetic styling, and interaction architecture.

  • Continuity: how patterns of connectivity unique to IoT can cause discontinuities in the UX between devices, and how to handle these in the design.

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