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Native or Not? The Untapped Power of Web Apps.

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October 9, 2015 10:20 AM

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

There are countless articles touting the superiority of native apps over web. “60fps”, full access to hardware, “jank free”, and so on. While these points are certainly valid, I think the hype has skewed the public perception of the potential power of web-based apps. While we can’t access everything from the browser, we can access a whole lot. We can design for a touchscreen, a motion sensor, geolocation, audio, and general mobility-instantly accessible across platforms without needing to make room on your phone for yet another app. Through a behind the scenes look at the experiment and other examples, we’ll remind ourselves of what’s possible in a web app, and take critical look at the pros (and cons) of non-native development.

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