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The SouthWood Group's Signage Specialist: Design Services

A talk by Amparo Rose

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October 28, 2015 2:00 AM

Pennsylvania, USA

Pennsylvania, USA

For clients who are not designers, or do not have access to experienced signage designers, SouthWood can offer assistance in all aspects of the creative process. This includes graphic design & layout, color studies, typefaces and lettering, shapes, sizes, materials, methods and more. Once an understanding of project requirements and client preferences are gathered, design solutions start with preliminary concepts, are refined through design development and culminate with final approved drawings for manufacturing. As appropriate, samples, swatches and prototypes are created to assure how signs will look and function.

When working with our clients’ designers and creative staff – be they architects, graphic designers, land planners, marketing consultants, interior designers, or ad agencies – SouthWood’s ability to help bring their ideas to life is invaluable. Our expertise in technical, production and application issues lets these design professionals draw upon our experience, with the knowledge that our design sensitivity is proven.

Artwork Requirements Please send artwork or CAD files in either Mac or PC format according to the instructions included here.

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