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How to Dispose of Your Old Laptop

A talk by Ashlynn Davenport

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November 17, 2015 4:00 AM



It just seems yesterday when laptops were introduced to us. We were unaware of how it can impact all of our lives and how it can become one of the necessities in the present times.

Laptops are considered treasure boxes to most of us. This little hardware, which has evolved from bulky boxes to thin and sleek technological pads, may contain important files from documents, presentations, images and videos that can cost us our lives. Laptops have become an essential as our mobile phones and it is hard to imagine it being lost or replaced.

To most of us, it is hard to part ways with our laptops especially since it has served a good cause for us for long years. But since laptops are not made to last forever, we cannot help but foresee the time when we would have to let go.

We can just discard of our laptops but experts agree that there is much use of it until the last goodbye. It may already be a piece of junk but to recyclers, it can be a good source of a new beginning.

The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan teaches us a tip or two on how to dispose of our laptops and maybe benefit from it:

  1. Sell your Battery Pack Laptop batteries are unique for every model and can be very expensive to replace. If your own version still has some life left, someone else might want to actually spend a few bucks on it, instead of buying a possible fraud product. On the other hand, if your battery is already damaged, it is best to dispose it responsibly. By the way, there are some simple ways to prolong your battery life. You can check our site for more tips.

  2. RAM Note that there are many different types RAM. Not only do they differ in storage capacity (measured in GB) and clock speed (measured in MHz), but also in shape, which is reflected in the name. Since memory technology doesn’t change that frequently, you might have other devices that can use the old laptop’s RAM. In Jakarta, Indonesia, there is a store which buys old laptop product for recycling.

  3. HDD/SDD An old hard drive can’t give you much money but it can give you an extra storage space for some of your old files which you still want to store and review in the future.

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