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What To Do With Your Extra Room

A talk by Alanna Huff

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November 17, 2015 10:00 PM



Luxury condominium and apartment units provide bigger space and often have extra rooms and corners for the tenant to utilize depending on his taste. However, a lot of luxury condo owners do not know what to do with their extra space. For those who have the same struggle, The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, provider of luxury homes for expatriates in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong, has the following options to put your extra room into good use.

  1. Nursery Room/Child’s Play room If you have kids, a playroom is what you need especially when you are living in the city which does not fully promote a healthy and secure play area for your kids. As they grow older, they also accumulate stuff like toys, school projects (that you probably want to keep), shoes, clothes, etc. And while they may be small, kids’ toys occupy the biggest space in the house. In fact, they take up every space. Their toys can be found in the kitchen, your bedroom, and even inside your office bag. Consider giving them a room where they can play and be creative and even get dirty. Same when you are preparing to start a family. An extra room can be converted to a nursery.

  2. Storage Space When at the first few months after you have moved in you are keeping your minimalist outlook, it can gradually change. As time wears off while you are living in a condo, stuff start to pile up - papers, disks, bottles, boxes, souvenirs, etc. It is time to make room for all these things if you are still not sure what to use them for. The extra space can ease your complaints and lessen the clutter. It can also help you organize your things.

  3. Indoor Garden Since you are living in a condominium or an apartment which does not promise even a square meter of land to plant stuff, you can convert your extra room into an eco-friendly garden. Not only is this popular in today’s urban dwellers, you can also create a healthy and bright aura into your unit. It can also be a good hobby to begin with. It does not only help your home aesthetically, it also has medical benefits like decreasing anxiety, depression, and reducing chances of respiratory disorders and other chronic illnesses. It is important to review indoor plants that can grow well indoors.

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