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Importance of Mobile Phone Cases

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September 11, 2015 12:00 PM

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

In the age of technology, we have been used to integrate one device to another to enhance their features, hence the increasing sales in accessories along with the growing adoption of new devices in the market.

Mobile phones have the widest range of accessories ever manufactured for a year. From smart phone cases to the development of monopods, mobile phones and its features are no longer fashion statements, they are already considered necessity. The different prices, designs, usage and functions enabled people of all ages to purchase at least one item for their phones.

Statistics from sales of 2014 of The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan shows mobile phone cases being the highest in-demand accessory in the market. The public seems to realize the great importance of cases against dust, wind, dirt, water and other elements.

However, according to a review of mobile accessories procurement and survey held by selected IT students of the University of Jakarta to random mobile phone owners, 70% of the respondents admit that they are not using mobile phone cases. The rest of Indonesia, with 200 million phone owners, also follows this trend. The study also shows that 80% of the respondents are Android owners and are “not worried about dropping their phones”. Some reason out that it will only add on to the bulk of their phones. The other 20% are iPhone owners which claim that iPhones, being more expensive and fragile, need every necessary protective measure to ensure safety and long life.

Still, experts strongly advise on using smart phone cases, no matter how sturdy your phone may look like. Included in the warning is the fact that the lifespan of your phone may also depend on the protection you have provided. Among the importance of cases are:

  1. It can protect your phones from scratches. Since smartphones are touch screens, scratches are inevitable. The case can protect your phone from further scratches which are caused by other items that may come in contact with your phone.

  2. It can protect your case from drops. No matter how careful you are, there are times when your phone would eventually fall from any place. Phone cases can prevent further damage from any fall.

  3. If your smart phone falls down in the water mistakenly, then usually it becomes out of order. However, nowadays, waterproof cases are available in the market.

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