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Cloud Design Patterns for Scalability and Performance

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January 7, 2016 3:30 PM

Sandusky, OH

Sandusky, OH

Everyone loves the cloud. Just use what you need, and everything will work seamlessly and scale infinitely, right? Well, not necessarily. Sure, you can use a “lift and shift” approach for most traditional web applications, but that doesn’t guarantee your app can be the next Facebook! To truly take advantage of the cloud’s resources requires some planning and development. In this session, you’ll learn about cloud design patterns from a member of the Microsoft patterns and practices team. You’ll learn about decomposition, partitioning, and performance optimization techniques. You’ll learn about the CQRS design pattern, and how it empowers applications to be more scalable. The session will also cover common anti-patterns, and illustrate their performance impacts. Examples will focus on .NET and Azure, but the principles apply to most other platforms and providers as well.

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