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How to Choose a Laptop Gift for Students

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November 7, 2015 12:00 PM

Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN

The Holidays are once again around the corner. People will once again be busy giving and receiving gifts. Nowadays, Christmas would not be complete if new devices are not included in your wish list especially for students which use it as an indispensible tool for learning.

There are thousands of devices to choose from which would eventually be appreciated by youngsters. Yet, if you are opting to give the gift to a student, it is better if you buy something which is practical and essential for a student to use. Perhaps, something like a laptop?

Although there are tons of available laptops in the market nowadays, it is still a little bit challenging to find a device which can suit the student’s needs and practices, especially those who are already attending college. These activities do not only encompass their everyday school work but also includes their extra-curricular activities such as social networking, photo posting, video streaming and chatting and whatnot. You also have to review the child’s digital lifestyle before determining the perfect fit laptop for them.

Although this may seem too complicated enough, the Peterson Group, distributor of mobile accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan encourages parents, godparents and those who would want to buy laptop as gift to student to fervently check the details first before jumping into just anything.

1.Check the specifications Some schools or universities are specific in the required and allowable laptop brand or OS that can be used around the campus. Mekong University in Jakarta, Indonesia, for instance, only requires windows-based laptops to cut off the incompatibility issue while others will let you use anything from OS X to Linux. There are also a few which have fraud detection system and advanced malware and virus firewall to avoid the use of illegitimate software.

2.Keep it Light Even though laptops are also something to brag about and wide screen very beneficial, it is undeniably harder for students to go from class to class while dragging along a big laptop. You want something that is light; perhaps a maximum of 13-14 inches widescreen is ideal.

3.Go with Standard Even the cheapest model has enough features to get by day to day. Most laptops nowadays come with 320GB of storage. Upgrading to 1TB may be beneficial but it’s not like the student is an aspiring visual artist or filmmaker, is he? Standard laptops will do. You can eventually upgrade if you finally know what is essentially lacking.

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