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Introduction to Open Source Geospatial Software

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March 28, 2015 12:00 PM

Seminole State College 100 Weldon Blvd Sanford FL 32746

Seminole State College 100 Weldon Blvd Sanford FL 32746

Introduction to Open Source Map Tools How do we find locations and reach them? Most definitely we use maps on the internet to find locations and directions. But without these easily (now) accessible maps on the internet, we would be looking at simple text and tabulated information on locations and directions. However, we get more involved when we are able to visualize same data spatially on interactive maps. Data visualization is one of the easiest way to understand simple information or even more complex analytical. Geospatial technologies and applications have traditionally required some knowledge of geospatial science. But the development of open source software is an exciting part of new geospatial landscape allowing many other developers to integrate the geospatial components and visualization in their applications to reach out to the users more effectively. In this talk I will give introductions about open source geospatial tools and web APIs for building exciting map based applications with your data.

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