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The Reality of End-to-End JavaScript

A talk by Kris Zyp

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April 25, 2009 6:50 AM

With the growing set of libraries, tools, and frameworks for JavaScript on both the client and server-side, and the rapid adoption of JSON as the standard data format of the web, developing web applications with a natural end-to-end intuitive JavaScript model is becoming a reality. We look at emerging conventions and specifications for JSON-based data interaction that provide high levels of correlation with the JavaScript data structures and build upon the REST architecture for highly interoperable modular client/server applications. On the client side, we look at how Dojo utilizes a service oriented approach with JSON-RPC or HTTP/REST with JSON referencing for data driven widgets with standards based communications. On the server side, we will see how the REST architecture combined can be combined with a JavaScript server side environment with natural object persistence and JSON schema defined class structures with Persevere, and demonstrate powerful client/server capabilities such a Comet-driven data notifications and JSON-RPC based method calls.

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