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The Role of the Founder-Lone Wolf or Team Player Webinar

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October 6, 2015 2:00 PM



A key issue for entrepreneurs is access to, and retention of, great talent. This is especially tough when starting up and when scaling the business. Most startup founders are lone wolves; the things that make them absolutely great at starting a business sometimes make them not that great at building and leading teams. In order to start a company and take the kind of risk that entails, it’s required that they ignore criticism and doubters, especially early on. If you don’t have a healthy ego, you won’t survive.
But that can make it tough to build a great, high performing team. There’s no real place for a founder to go within his or her team to get the straight story, to have conversations about their own growth opportunities, or share the frustrations and fears of running a company. Being the leader can be a really isolating experience. So, as a founder, how do you deal with accepting feedback? Can you adapt your vision to build a team, without giving up the singular focus you need to succeed? What are the tools you need to be a better leader? A founder and entrepreneur himself, Ian can talk about strategies for how to accept, give and use feedback to build a stronger business. How founders can maintain their focus while still leveraging the diversity of perspectives and approaches needed to stay competitive and scale.

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