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February PASS East Midlands Meetup | AD 2016. 2AM A Disaster just Began

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February 4, 2016 6:00 PM



• We sleeping well. And our mobile ringing and ringing. Message: DISASTER! In this session (on slides) we are NOT talk about potential disaster (such BCM); we talk about: And what NOW? New version old my old well-known session updated for whole changes which happened in DBA World in last two-three years.

• So, from the ground to the Sky and further - everything for surviving disaster. Which tasks should have been finished BEFORE. Is virtual or physical SQL matter? We talk about systems, databases, peoples, encryption, passwords, certificates and users.

• In this session (on few demos) I'll show which part of our SQL Server Environment are critical and how to be prepared to disaster. In some documents I'll show You how to be BEST prepared.

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