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The Peterson Group: The Future of CAM (Complementary, Alternative & Integrative Medicine)

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March 15, 2016 12:00 PM

New York

New York

The history of healing or medical practice is as long as the very existence of humans themselves. Well, almost. Many cultures speak of the pre-history of humans when they lived in Utopia or Paradise; and humans and their environment were initially perfect and conducive to perpetual living. But we are talking about history, pre-history.

At present, the Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia continues to practice CAM. It sees history still at play in the various practices and modes of treating the human body against the effects and ravages of devitalized food, stress, aging, poverty, toxic substances, radiation, trauma and other sources of health degradation. For many people, what their parents taught them as children when they caught a cold, got diarrhea or had a headache still apply, while adding some of the more convenient tablets or cure prescribed for such minor ailments. In many of these common aches, the thought of feeling like a child once more and being caressed or applied with motherly love would be enough to bring a significant psychological and physiological relief.

There is the perceived tendency for medical practice to go back to the effective ancient medicine conceived and somehow perfected by our ancestors. At least, that is the theory. And so far, the theory has been proven to be valid and effective. Which makes us wonder why we lost it or chose to surrender its efficacy for the more popular mode applied at present.

We have to admit that science and technology have made significant progress in addressing many diseases and physiological conditions that are assumed to be not within the purview of CAM. For instance, surgery and other modern reconstructive surgical procedures that provide corrective steps or enhancement to organ failure or other biological defects would not have been possible without medical advancement. But the question needs to be asked, however: What brought about the human tendency to sickness anyway? Was it not our inability to see the totality of the human condition in relation to our environment? Was it not, perhaps, our propensity to look up to science and technology to cure our illnesses with fast and efficient means without regard to the root causes that brought about those illnesses?

It appears then that allopathy, or the conventional medical approach to the general human physiological problem, is rooted in facing the present condition of the human. That is, it seeks to, as it has almost always had in the past and in the present, to treat symptoms and not the roots causes of diseases. CAM enjoys the advantageous positive and wholesome approach of ancient medical practice, which is that of looking at the body as a complete and perfect design of a multitude of functions and processes that work together to form a unified organism, whether we are talking of an animal, a plant or a human being or even the entire environment, that possesses systems that allow for repair, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and revitalization. All that medicine does, as ancient western medical wisdom accepts, is to feed the organism with “food as its medicine and medicine as its food” to keep it perpetually functioning.

CAM, in short, seeks to return the body to its own ways by discovering what makes it function or not function, in the first place. This knowledge had been known a long time ago and some, if not a big part, of that knowledge has been preserved in the effective healing practices of tribal or traditional doctors. It is no wonder that CAM is effective in healing and preventing many kinds of diseases because it considers the body as an integral part of the whole Universe and not just of its immediate environment. And, incidentally, as we said in the beginning, humans are products of a perfect world that has been lost to us. How we can recover our bearing and connection to that world is the ultimate search for medicine, CAM and all human knowledge.

The Peterson Group believes that the future of CAM is bright as it is headed in the right direction which is toward the recovery of ancient medical wisdom complemented by the growing understanding of all the forces and elements that affect the human condition. The Peterson Group in Jakarta and Malaysia continues to provide these homeopathy reviews to expand the public awareness for this effective medical approach.

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