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Best Small Condo Design Tips by the Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences

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September 18, 1991 12:00 PM



Worrying about designing your small condo unit? Well, now you shouldn’t because this article will introduce you to a lot of designing tips prepared by The Peterson Group to help you achieve your specific needs. The following tips are based on various ideas of different individuals living in a condo unit from Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, etc. You could apply all these to your condo or just select a tip or two.

  1. Put mirrors to add more light, allure and illusion. In particular, use large mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

  2. Spend a little bit of cash on a closet organization system. This will help you become more organized and save a lot of space.

  3. Purchase at least two tall bookcases to arrange your small possessions that are likely to be scattered all over the place, such as books, letters, portable gadgets, etc.

  4. Keep a careful eye on everything. Don’t store anything that you’re not using anymore.

  5. You don’t need to be an expert to draw a floor plan, right? It doesn’t need to be complicated, just a few basic sketches will do. It can help you better manage the things you already own.

  6. Try other colors. Dark brown gloss paint, along with other colors, can also make a room look bigger when combined with the right color furnishings. White is not the only option.

  7. It’s possible to replace your dressers with a storage bed.

  8. Having traditional freestanding dressers, cabinets and desks could occupy a large space in your condo unit, so consider getting built-ins and modular furniture systems to better utilize your space and organize all your storage needs in one compact area.

  9. The excitement of furnishing your condo might trigger impulsive buying of the things you don’t actually need. Take it slow and don’t furnish it all at once. Begin with the most important things first, including a place to sleep such as a couch or a fold-down bed. The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences suggest that you should live with those for some time first before adding more stuff.

  10. Make sure that the furniture blends in with the color of your floor or walls to create an illusion for the eyes (e.g. using a monochromatic color scheme)

  11. Consider having an expandable dining table.

  12. Use the space up to the ceiling by putting some floating shelves, or own shelves that were really tall but have a small footprint. These can help you better arrange your stuff in a small space.

  13. Lightweight modern furniture is in demand nowadays because they’re easy to move and pick up. You might want to put this on your list because it’ll be a lot easier for you to move things around and match different purposes. Furniture with legs is likely to be less heavy than those sitting directly on the floor.

  14. If you have an extra space in your wall, you can put large paintings into it to make your place more visually fascinating. Pick the ones with cool colors to make your space look bigger.

  15. Take away something old if you have something new to bring in your place. Things are not meant to last forever so be smart in handling the space in your condo. Some people tend to keep their things with them because they believe that it might come handy someday.

  16. Lots of lamps may do the trick. Having fewer lamps across the area can maximize the space in your condo. This will help the light to spread around and can help draw attention to the entire space you have, giving you a feeling of a bigger space in your condo.

  17. Steer clear of the things that can take up floor space.

  18. Ask yourself on how you’re going to use your house. Where are you going to place your working table? The dining table? For example, put the storage of your bills, letters, and magazines to the place where you’ll be dealing with papers and other cluttering things.

  19. Space limits could be your number one enemy but if you handle everything beforehand, everything will be in order. Plan carefully the things you’ll need in your condo. Your overexcitement to buy the things you thought you’ll need is most likely the reason those things might be no longer needed in the end because of the small space.

  20. If you’re alone in your condo and you spend most of your time in the living room and eating there becomes a habit, then you should purchase a coffee or side table that’s really comfortable to eat from. Minimize the space used in your dining area since you’re always in the living room.

  21. You shouldn’t add more chairs just for the sake of the guests who might come over in the future. The seats you have for yourself, such as a couch, reading chair, desk chair, dining chair and a stool will be enough for six to seven visitors.

  22. Walk into your condo and picture the things you wanted to see first. Focus on the neat sides of things since you don’t want to see the back of your TV from that viewpoint, right?

  23. Look for the things with multiple purposes, such as an ottoman with a storage, a bookshelf chair, or a sofa wall bed. Dual purpose furniture for small space could bring a lot of benefit to you.

  24. Some people thought that things are less cluttered if they’re behind glass, so a glass-front or a barrister bookcases are considered an option.

  25. Small furniture for smaller rooms is also recommended because your condo unit could appear capacious with the help of those.

  26. If you believe in the power of transparency, then you should go for acrylic furniture.

  27. Maintain cleanliness in your condo all the time because no matter what you do with the furniture, nothing will do the magic if your space is messy.

With this, The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominiums and Residences wishes for a better and more comfortable condo living to everyone.

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