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Teaching Lean Startup to Kids & Managers

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April 28, 2016 2:00 PM

Brighton, UK

Brighton, UK

Understanding Lean Startup principles is one thing, applying them whilst working on a product another. The next level is disseminating that knowledge and experience, seeding a Lean Startup mindset in people who are not (yet) working or thinking that way. Through collaborating with large organisations (Pearson, Axa, Société Générale), teaching and training managers and subject matters expert into looking at their work, their products and their business through the refreshing lenses of Lean, I learned about resistance and excitement.

Through my work with Apps for Good and City University London's Widening Participation programme, I embarked into seeding Lean principles and a growth mindset into children and teenager and learned about reserve and curiosity. I will share my experiences, my learnings and my failures with you, in order to encourage you to contribute also to a growth of growth mindsets.

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