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Bacall Associates - Easy Ways to Enhance your Marketing Plan Using Social Media

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January 30, 2016 12:00 PM

Bacall Associates

Bacall Associates

Bacall Associates views social media as an excellent helping tool to several business owners. It can help you with your public relations as well as fostering your integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan. Bacall is known for their cost effective integrated public relations, marketing and sales campaigns in the United Kingdom, Asia like Singapore and Hong Kong.

It's critical to have an IMC plan first before you start communicating with the world about your company according to Bacall Associates. It may contain different approaches on how to communicate your business with your target audience. It can also be a powerful guideline to marketing teams during implementation to reduce any concerns and to prevent any internal disagreements between stakeholders.

Social media is considered essential to any IMC plan these days whilst your IMC can use several different communication mediums such as content marketing, public relations, advertising and social media. Bacall Associates found the impact of social media on the following areas, which proved that it could improve your IMC plan.

Market research Social media can be used for your market research. It is often difficult to gather data on qualitative and quantitative market research, that's why the launch of social media has been a great help to several business owners around the world. Social media features plenty of social media data that can be used to find in-depth information about your target audience.

Public relations (PR) Social media has lessened the pressure on PR pros over the past few years because it offers great benefit and easy accessibility to them. They can get a comment out within minutes of the news breaking with social media, its speed and relevance are really remarkable. Your social media audience should be connected to your sources.


Social media made a huge change in the world of advertising today because it can specifically target your audience, easily measure your social media advertising ROI, and immediately make changes to your advertisements, that's why business owners put big advertising budgets on social media nowadays.

Reporting on your IMC plan It’s also important to consider the data available on social media analytics tools in your strategic planning even if there were already different ways where you can report on your IMC plan. Social media analytics can help you gather data from blogs and social media platforms and can examine that data to help you make business decisions.

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