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Developers as Users: MVVM Architecture as a Design Decision

A talk by Jan Jorgensen

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May 25, 2016 12:00 PM

ClearVoice Engineering Lunch & Learn

ClearVoice Engineering Lunch & Learn

Why do we choose certain tools and architectures? Why does that one developer always nitpick on whether something should happen in a template or a controller?

In this talk, I argue that every single choice we make about the tools we use is a design decision and we, the developers, are the users.


  • Treating ourselves as Users
    • How we choose tools and architecture
    • What makes a decision "good"?
    • A primer on mental models
  • State & MVVM as a Mental Model
    • Quick-and-dirty FSM Primer
    • A real-life example
    • Some quick definitions
  • Somewhat concrete applications
    • Data & Behavior
    • Ideal vs. Real
    • Actual Code Examples

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