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Coaching For Performance by Wallace Associates

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June 27, 2016 12:00 PM



This programme enables you to become a much better manager by using the coaching skills of asking questions, listening and engaging in dialogue. It is a level 1 programme for managers and supervisors who are new to coaching. The aim is to change your style from “telling” to “enquiring”. So you will practice giving feedback and blending this into a coaching discussion. You will use a “pull” style when you are encouraging committed and hardworking team members and a “push” style when you have to deal with poor performers.

Objectives By the end of this programme you will be able to: • Understand the key role of coaching in performance management • Use questioning and listening skills for coaching • Structure coaching sessions for motivation, development and change • Empower people using a 3 step “pull” model for coaching • Understand motivation in the workplace and why people under perform • Use techniques for handling difficult situations • Use a “push” coaching model to handle unwilling team members • Recognise and adjust your coaching style for different people types

Coaching for Motivation

This programme enables you to get the best out of people by using coaching skills. It is a level 2 programme for managers with experience of coaching who want to build a more motivated, committed team. Coaching is the key for leaders in modern organisations where team members expect to be given discretion and autonomy to get on with their tasks. It is a great way of keeping team members on track and empowering them to achieve greater results. You will also learn how to lead a career discussion using the same technique, and realise the power of career coaching.

Objectives By the end of this programme you will be able to: • Understand the key role of coaching in modern leadership • Use questioning and listening skills to create a new leadership style • Empower people by helping them find their own solutions • Structure coaching sessions using a 3 stage model • Master techniques for overcoming difficulties in coaching • Build trust and commitment using coaching techniques • Plan coaching sessions carefully in order to keep sessions on track • Discover the power of career coaching to motivate and retain people

Coaching for Development

This programme enables you to take leadership to a higher level by becoming a coach to your people. This is a level 3 programme for managers and senior managers who want to apply the skills used by executive coaches. Coaching for Development is about deeper discussions which encourage enquiry, and sometimes self exploration. This type of coaching moves beyond present operational issues to the strategic challenges facing the unit. It also creates new relationships with your team members and leads to a new leadership culture in the company.

Objectives By the end of the programme, you will be able to: • Build respect and trust in relationships by asking and listening • Generate new ideas by instilling a spirit of enquiry and exploration • Build rapport with coachees by offering encouragement and support • Link personal development of your people with development of your unit • Apply the Seeking – Giving technique to promote a coaching dialogue • Structure coaching sessions using the GROW model • Help to create personal development plans for future growth • Empower people by using coaching as a delegating technique

Empowering and Inspiring Generation Y

This programme enables you to find the words, actions and relationships which will empower and inspire Generation Y team members. It introduces coaching as a critical skill in this process. You will learn how to help Gen Y team members find their own solutions and turn every event into an opportunity for personal and professional growth. This leads to higher levels of individual and team performance. The programme gives you the opportunity to study the latest research on Gen Y, understand their attitudes and create a workplace culture which inspires them.

Objectives By the end of this programme your will be able to: • Understand Generation Y mindset and attitudes and the best way to engage them • Know when and how to use coaching and mentoring skills to support the development of Gen Y team members • Feel confident using the GROW model when engaging Gen Y in discussions • Use questioning and listening skills to gain buy-in and creative solutions • Create a framework which keeps Gen Y on track but with a sense of freedom • Use management development opportunities to “promote” early • Define the fine line between “buddy and boss” when building Gen Y relationships • Inspire Gen Y by including them in strategic and business planning

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