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AngularJS? Ember.js? What if you could learn both at once?

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January 5, 2016 1:00 PM

Sandusky, OH

Sandusky, OH

With the rise in popularity of JavaScript, many client-side MVC libraries and tools have surfaced. Two of these that are rising in popularity are AngularJS and Ember. So, what makes them different? Can you use either one to accomplish the same thing? What’s the development experience like? Do you get everything you need right out of the box, or do you have to NPM/Bower something to get any real work done? In this session, you will learn not one web framework, but TWO. We will start by looking at what makes each of these frameworks “tick”. Then we will apply this information to build a simple web application in both frameworks, utilizing the same back-end for both client apps. You will leave this session with a solid understanding of how both Angular and Ember work, where they are similar and where they differ, and what the development experience is like in both. You will also be armed with the knowledge needed to decide if Angular or Ember would be better suited for that next web project that comes your way.

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