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The Human Network: The Share Economy = The Social Economy

A talk by Brian Solis at next09

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May 6, 2009 5:00 AM

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

The real story is the human network and the Social Economy that fosters the conversations that serve as its currency - on and offline.

Relationships….RELATIONSHIPS…count for everything here, and they’re measured by the mutually beneficial rewards that all parties experience over time. We invest in each other and harvest the fruits of our collaboration and interconnection.

We’re forging new and relevant links online. It’s the metamorphosis from online to offline that validates and certifies connections and symbolizes true opportunity to develop genuine relationships.

We’re putting faces to avatars while in person exchanges of emotions and sincerity replace emoticons.

This is about the magic that transcends online relationships into real world friendships – whether professional or personal.

We're bound by context and the digital conversations that we weave transpire through the physical collective and exchange of ideas and contact.

The Social Economy is rich in collaboration and friendship. We are defining a new era of society and how we ultimately communicate with one another. The tools may affect how we correspond, but the dynamics of human relationships are constant and live and breathe through the sincere nuances of our actions. This is about the art of building, converting, and fostering meaningful relationships online > offline > and online again - in between the next physical encounter.

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