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Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: The role of gas heaters in your home

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August 5, 2016 9:00 PM



In order to heat the air to a higher temperature in your home, natural gas furnace uses less energy that lets you save money. Natural gas furnaces are a trend these days and a lot of homeowners prefer to use it according to Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning. Apparently, it is currently the most popular home heating option in the market. Its efficient characteristic can also reduce the impact on the environment since its byproducts are only water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide.

Moreover, natural gas has barely any emissions of any home heating fuel. Gas heaters need venting to your home's chimney in order to eradicate the carbon dioxide made from your home but make sure to understand the exact venting requirements building and safety codes in your area first.

Gas heaters are known today as safer due to the advancements in technology such as pilot-less ignition systems and zone heating, based on the review made by Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning. Gas furnaces also last longer than its expected lifespan. Gas is delivered to your home through underground pipelines with natural gas, so you won't experience any empty tank and running out of fuel to heat your home.

Natural gas as a heating fuel also has its disadvantages, including it is flammable, can be toxic if a large amount is inhaled, the exhaust produced when burning natural gas known as carbon monoxide is poisonous, and some rural and urban areas don't have access to the current network of underground pipes.

Fire departments often recommend the use of a carbon monoxide detector because this kind of gas is completely odorless. On the other hand, gas companies add a scent to the natural gas to make leaks noticeable. Looking for trustworthy heating systems on the web is simple, just avoid fraud services online. Consider security firms that offer service protection in purchasing items online. Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning can also help you with some alternative heating systems like boilers or hot boilers, water heaters, and garage heaters.

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