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Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: A Glance in History of the Restaurant Industry

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September 7, 2016 12:00 PM

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Food is a basic necessity of the people. Many years ago, people used to make their own food - cultivating crops and herding livestock. When permanent human settlements began, villages became cities which then gave rise to civilization. People learned and became skilled engaging in more specialized activities to earn a living, replacing the old barter trade system they solely relied on for years. Eventually, delegating the laborious task of preparing food to a person or enterprise became unavoidable for them.

The rise of the restaurant industry, like in Singapore, brought a revolutionary effect on industrialization and in world economic system. It was born out of the need not merely to save time but also to avoid the exhausting routine of food preparation. Anyone could now eat non staple foods and have it delivered home.

The increase of entrepreneurs sailing into this kind of business causes the variation of food options. A simple snack like doughnuts and burgers causes the expansion of restaurant chains and even the coffee drink drove success - generating a multibillion business worldwide. Restaurants change not only the economic texture of civilization but also how people live their lives.

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