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JavaScript You Can Live With: Writing Code Like Amazon and Google

A talk by Peter Vogel at edUi 2016

About the Talk

October 26, 2016 9:00 AM

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, VA

We all know that the JavaScript we write today is code we’ll need to tweak or extend tomorrow. The reality is that developers implementing user interfaces, like most software developers, spend 75% of their time in extending or modifying (and, occasionally, fixing) existing code. You can write your code to support that reality or you can make that 75% of your implementation life more difficult.

While you’ll never have to write a code base as big as the ones driving the Amazon and Google sites, there are techniques and tools you can adopt from those teams that will lower your maintenance time while still letting you deliver results quickly. To achieve that, your code needs to supports being extended and modified while also ensuring that changes don’t ripple through your whole UI. This session will discuss the tools, tactics, and strategies to achieve that.

What you’ll learn: •Tactics and strategies for creating maintainable code •How to structure your code to support evolution but still deliver results rapidly •How to implement Vogel’s law (“You don’t screw with working code”) by always adding new functionality through writing new code •What tools can reduce the cost of making changes to existing user interfaces

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