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The Full Testing Experience - Quality Assurance with Visual Studio 2010

A talk by Eric D. Boyd

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November 9, 2010 8:00 AM

Microsoft Chicago Office, 200 E Randolph St, Suite 200

Microsoft Chicago Office, 200 E Randolph St, Suite 200

We all know that Quality matters. It’s a top of mind issue for every business, but delivering Quality software has always been a daunting task. Often time quality is cut short by project time overruns and multiple rework cycles between development and QA that seem to go on forever. Are you frustrated!!!...well there is a better way!!!

Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 makes a real impact on software quality. It’s an integrated testing solution that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflow. It allows the user to quickly identify quality related bugs and easily report them with rich actionable information. Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate allows the developer to address these issues with ease, reducing the time it takes to solve a problem by almost 60%. This translates into tremendous cost savings, greater level of productivity, and higher quality standards throughout the development lifecycle.

Team Foundation Server 2010 provides full traceability of test progress, from requirements through deployment with real-time quality metrics AND COLLABORATION. THE NET EFFECT IS the team is able to make informed, timely decisions, driving down the risks common to every software development project.

Imagine knowing which manual regression tests you had to run, given the code changes in the recent build…

Imagine being able to quickly and completely capture bugs in such a way that developers can reproduce them…

Imagine being able to record your exploratory testing and turn that exploration into detailed test steps – with just a few clicks…

Imagine using an intuitive interface to design, organize and execute your test plans…

Imagine seeing your testing progress on one simple dashboard, and drilling into critical details…

Imagine testing your application more effectively, in less time, and with less pain…

Now come see it all. In action. Today.

This training event is geared towards QA managers, technical and non-technical testers, business analysts, and quality-conscious developers working on cross-functional teams.

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