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Setting Your Style: Creating a Style Guide to Empower Your Organization

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October 26, 2016 10:00 AM

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Like most websites, UNC Libraries has more content than staff available to manage it. Our once a year content audit wasn’t enough. We recognized a need to empower our content owners to assess, streamline, and improve their writing on an ongoing basis.

In collaboration with our Communications department, we created a guide that covers style, voice, tone, accessibility, branding, and other content guidelines that support our strategic plan. The guide focuses on core design principles that inform the content of our website as a whole. Our guide is also iterative – a living document that will develop over time.

Once completed, we plan on running a series of staff workshops to introduce the guidelines and give content owners practical experience implementing the standards in their own writing. Our goal is for them to think about the guide and its principles every time they edit a webpage.

What you’ll learn: •What to consider when planning and implementing a style guide and see before and after examples of how ours has been applied •Our process as a case study, including tips and tricks we learned along the way •How to fit your style guide into the broader context of your work – strategic plans, the core mission of your organization, and institutional priorities

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