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Byobu: A Damn Fine Command Line

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April 2, 2011 6:30 AM

Hilton Austin Hotel

Hilton Austin Hotel

Beginners, novices, and expert Linux users -- if you spend any appreciable amount of time working in a command line environment, consider learning Byobu, the text window manager based on GNU Screen. Establish a single shell session (in a terminal, through SSH, or in a tty), launch Byobu, create multiple windows, navigate back and forth between those windows, detach from the session while your programs are still running, re-attach to the same session later, split your screen vertically and/or horizontally, monitor the status of 30+ indicators in real time at the bottom of your screen, and write your own custom indicators. These are the basic features of Byobu! Attend this tutorial-style session and you'll get started with these introductory features and quickly move into more advanced configuration and usage of your damn fine command line.

Dustin Kirkland is an Ubuntu Core Developer working on the Ubuntu Server for Canonical. His work on the Ubuntu Server has spanned encryption, security, virtualization, cloud computing, energy efficiency, among others. Dustin is particularly interested in command line interfaces and technologies, having authored Byobu, a text window manager based on GNU Screen. Dustin lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Kim, and their two Australian Shepherds, Tiger and Aggie.

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