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PowerNap your Servers

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April 2, 2011 12:00 PM

Hilton Austin Hotel

Hilton Austin Hotel

From the Desktop to the Cloud -- PowerNap is a screen saver for servers except it doesn't save your screen, it saves the environment and lowers your energy bill. Underutilized systems are put to "sleep", suspending, hibernating, or going into a power-save mode when PowerNap's extensible monitoring system determines the machine to be underutilized. Originally created by Dusting Kirkland to be integrated with the Eucalyptus based Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), it has been extended for Home use, in your Desktop or Laptop. PowerNap relies on pm-utils and its monitoring system includes monitoring for User Activity (Console, Mouse, Keyboard), System Activity (Load, Processes, Process IO), and/or Network Activity (wake-on-lan, UDP, TCP).

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