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.NET Rocks Show 1361: Growing a .NET Meetup Group with Blake Helms and Robb Schiefer

A talk by Robb Schiefer and Blake Helms

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October 13, 2016 12:00 PM

.NET Rocks Podcast

.NET Rocks Podcast

Are user groups obsolete? Carl and Richard talk to Blake Helms and Robb Schiefer about their experiences starting and growing a .NET Meetup Group in Birmingham, Alabama. Modernizing on the user group with Meetup doesn't change the fundamentals - it takes dedicated volunteers, a good location, great speakers and consistency to make a group grow. Are meetups still worth your time? Definitely! The conversation turns to the power of networking: Not TCP/IP, but actually meeting and talking with people that share a common interest. If there's a Meetup group in your area, go to it! If not, start one - Blake and Robb have great suggestions on getting started!

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