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A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up An Open Source Web Hosting System

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April 2, 2011 10:00 AM

Hilton Austin Hotel

Hilton Austin Hotel

Dedicated servers, VPS, and cloud servers are cheaper and more widely available to the average developer or web designer than ever. But, it's not necessarily easy to build a fully functional web hosting system with web, mail, DNS, databases, and web applications, without a lot of reading and trial and error.

This talk is about the core components of a web hosting system: Apache, BIND, MySQL, Postfix, and PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby. It will provide a brief overview of what these services do, how they interact with each other and the outside world, how they are installed and configured on the most popular Linux versions, and how they can be kept up to date and secure easily using the standard OS update tools yum or apt-get.

The talk also briefly covers Virtualmin GPL (, an Open Source web hosting control panel based on Webmin, as an easy and free way to quickly install and configure all of the necessary software for web hosting, but the majority of the talk will be at a lower level and will focus on fundamentals rather than how to use a simplified GUI.

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