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Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Your great local takeaway!

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October 20, 2016 12:00 PM

Southbourne, Bournemouth,

Southbourne, Bournemouth,

Group of local people living in Southbourne of Bournemouth always consider the Harmony as the best local Chinese takeaway. We can’t deny its great cuisine and amicable service. It is excellent in providing tasty Chinese foods. Each dish we ordered was full of flavor, and the beef and chicken were always of good quality with good sized portions. They also have the biggest and tastiest chicken balls we ever had.

Tourists who visit our town find the food offered by Harmony Chinese Takeaway as fantastic and brilliant. They are impressed with its prompt delivery and trustworthy service. These remarks were not surprising because the food at Harmony was always prepared based on a high standard.

Our family tried different takeaways in our area but Harmony was the best takeaway, even though they specialized in Chinese cuisine, their foods were so mouthwatering. On a side note, their crispy beef strip in sweet chili sauce was very appetizing.

All their food was great and we always change our favorite dish often because we can’t decide which one is really the best. But whatever it is, we are certain that anyone will come back again after trying out its food. One time, a friend of mine made a mistake in his address when he ordered online but Harmony Chinese Takeaway made everything all right, their service was really dependable.

The first time I tried Harmony’s food, I felt glad because I’ve been searching for the ideal place to get my food from and my visit at the place fulfilled my long quest. The staff and I were always having a good chat, that’s why this place is now close to my heart.

We recommend this place to anyone in Bournemouth and its surrounding areas. People should check this place out because their food has a lot of flavors and could satisfy your taste. Harmony Chinese Takeaway has our seal of approval, see it for yourself and experience its excellent food and service.

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