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Kanban - Light-weight alternative

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April 4, 2011 11:20 AM

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

When we hear about project management methodology we usually think of structured, standardized set of rules, that tells us how should we organize the project team and its work. This is true in both, formal methodologies and those related to Agile. As a result, the implementation of new methodology often means a big change for the team or the company. It is one the reasons why those implementations fail in many cases.

Why is Kanban different? It doesn't try to immediately change the way the project team works. It doesn't impose certain team organization, specific techniques or artifacts. It is flexible and easily changes to fit different situations. And in the same time, despite its simplicity, it helps to define and correct the problems that jeopardize the project.

This presentation shows how Kanban functions in practice and points out in what areas can it be use: from organizing your own tasks to managing products portfolio.

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