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Design for the Rudes: The Value of Design Principles

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April 1, 2011 6:30 AM

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

This presentation tells the story of why the Blackboard User Experience (BBUX) team built a model for defining a quality user experience across design disciplines and how this model is used to drive and communicate improvement. Our team set out to define a set of design principles for three reasons. First, we wanted to define what it means for us to design and develop a quality product. This definition of quality must be shared among a large diversified team involved in the product development lifecycle. Second, we wanted to validate our designs both internally and externally to make sure we were meeting our shared definition of quality. Third, we wanted to compare our work against these principles so we could ensure that product quality increases over time. The goal of this presentation is for participants to take away ideas for how they can create a model for measuring quality and find ways to instill a shared design vision among diverse team members.

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