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A Path to Mastering Web Development with Ruby

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April 9, 2011 10:05 AM

Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh, UK

The Internet has changed the mindset of the would be developer. The web has become so ubiquitous that building web applications has become the status quo for new developers. The neutrality of the medium, the web browser, makes it easy for developers to get started easily and provides a tight feedback loop for disciplined practitioners. Equally so, the invention of Rails has simplified this path in many ways for us and has brought back a lot of excitement to the web development industry. Rails and its ecosystem have changed the way we think about web development.

So it would seem that a new developer looking to reach their first goal would look to Rails and its simplicity as a foundation to train and build upon. This, I believe, is flawed.

In this session, I will provide you with the basic tools you need to begin practicing web development with Ruby. Keeping these practices in mind, we will also look to the principles of web development and understanding the HTTP. Using this knowledge, we will begin to put some of the more popular Ruby web development abstractions into context and learn how to apply them effectively. Lastly, we will talk about how Rails fits into the web development picture and how, when applied correctly, can be a great asset to the master developer.

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