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Southbourne Group Singapore, Tokyo Japan on Where to Keep your Cash

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November 26, 2016 12:00 PM



If you are holding on to some amount of money now and you want to stash it away somewhere, you might be led to choose the nearest or the most available financial institution already knocking on your door. Do remember that it is not about them but about you, the owner.

Deciding on the best kind of short-term savings account requires satisfying your own best interests and needs in such areas as the following:

Accessibility: Which do you prefer to use to access your account – check, ATM, online and others? How frequently do you expect to use it??

Interest Rate: Is the interest rate your bank or institution giving the highest you can get? If not, scout around for a better deal, if you can.

Quality of Service: Do you demand personalized service or are you more comfortable doing things yourself or do you prefer some minimal customer assistance?

Penalties: In case you have a change of mind and want your money back sooner, what penalties will you incur?

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