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Taming the Nine-Headed Stakeholder Monster

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April 10, 2011 7:00 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

As User Experience Designers, we carry a heavy burden. We know that ultimately, everything a user sees, interacts with, and experiences is our responsibility. But to get to the seamless, easy-to-use end result that we want, we have to navigate some tricky waters, including the Nine-Headed Stakeholder Monster. It thinks it knows just what the user wants. It can be hard to handle and sometimes just downright dangerous. The good news is that we can tame it using a few key techniques. In this talk, I'll share concepts and real-world examples that have helped me effectively collaborate with this unique monster, create better products and, yes, even enjoy the ride.

The origin and mythology of the Nine-Headed Stakeholder Monster

It's important to know not only who you're designing for but also who you're designing with. Each head represents an archetype you'll encounter during your design process— everyone from development to executives to all of those other people who share their opinions along the way.

How to speak monster

You'll find out how to ask questions and challenge ideas without getting bit. You'll see what to do when you make the wrong design decision (hey, it happens). And you'll even find out what to do when they say, "Make it pretty, mortal!"

Why monsters can't resist prototypes

You'll find out why prototypes are more effective at communicating your design than requirement documents and wireframes.

User Experience Design is hard but rewarding work. In the end, it's really about making someone's life easier so they can go home happy. If you do that right, chances are good you'll go home happy, too (and won't have to worry about that monster under your bed).

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