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MacGyver Prototyping

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April 10, 2011 7:00 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

You have a new project with a client who is being difficult. You have a tight deadline, limited resources, materials, money and manpower. After your usual processes and methods, you're still not satisfied with the results.

Current concept generation practices are time consuming, resource hungry and costly for companies trying to run "lean" in today's economy. Ideas are tested using best case scenarios with predictable outcomes in hope of proving the concept's validity.

Innovation comes from fresh perspectives and generative methodologies and processes. MacGyver prototyping addresses these issues to help lay the groundwork towards innovation. Suited for practitioners of interaction and experience design, MacGyver prototyping is efficient, cost effective and allows for lightning fast testing, ideating and iteration.

Combining the best parts of brainstorming, group activities, quick-and-dirty prototyping and bodystorming, participants in this workshop will be lead through the methodology of MacGyver prototyping in small groups. Group discussion and Q & A will follow the activity facilitated by the session leaders.

What you'll learn:

Devise scenarios accounting for unpredictability
Utilize available resources to prototype artifacts and environments
Examine how assumptions effect outcomes
Judge plausibility of potential design solutions
Collaborate to create best-of-breed concept
  • Methodology inspired by the resourcefulness of MacGyver in the 1985 TV series.

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