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Pantheon Master Course and Working Session (BADCamp 2016)

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October 21, 2016 9:00 AM

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

If you already use Pantheon and are looking to increase your efficiencies and further speed up your development practices, this day is for you. Join Pantheon Co-Founder Matt Cheney and Agency and Community Engineers Steve Persch, Andrew Taylor and others for a day of hands on DevOps examples and coding. Come for a hands-on day that focuses on Terminus, Quicksilver and integrating your existing workflows and CI tools into Pantheon.

Examples we'll walk through include: — Automated monitoring for Drupal security updates which are then applied and run through visual regression tests — Running automated tests on deployments and reporting results to Slack — Automatically pushing code to environments based on test results — At the end of the day anyone wishing to have robots monitor for Drupal security updates, apply them and run visual regression tests, reporting those results back to Slack and deploying them automatically based on those results will have the time to put this system together.

Bring your laptop; this session will be hands on.

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