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Winning Big in UX: Changing problem-solving culture in organizations

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April 10, 2011 8:20 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Cognitive biases warp our perceptions of organizational culture and the problems we can help the organization solve. Biases also warp our clients’ view of us, their expectations of what we can contribute, and their mental models of the role(s) we can play.

I encourage you to: - Recognize that you are member of UX as a culture, which goes beyond your role. - Be an agent of culture change by merging UX culture with the organizational culture in which you are immersed. - Help organizational culture adopt the practices and values of UX culture. - Apply your UX skills to improve problem-solving and decision-making as a way to merge the two cultures.

Presented on Sun, April 10, 2011; at MidwestUX Conference in Columbus, OH.

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