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¿Dónde Está? (Where Is It?)

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April 9, 2011 7:00 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The effectiveness of universal symbols depends on user recognition, comprehension, and consistent use. This case study presents the design and multicultural user testing of a symbol set for use in healthcare environments. Universal symbols must meet the needs of multicultural audiences, particularly limited English populations. Symbol effectiveness depends on user recognition and comprehension, yet evidence-based testing is relatively new in symbol design. For the design and testing of symbols that effectively convey intended messages across language and culture the involvement of relevant users in health care environments is key. For graphic designers, assessing results of evidence based comprehension testing is relatively new. How the symbols were developed from diverse student resources, tested, data gathered, and subsequent analysis and result is the focus of this presentation.

Attendees to this presentation, especially those within the health care industry will recognize the need for such usability studies, testing and further research whenever there is need for universal visual communication for diverse users in public, private or corporate environments. This is a growing problem in many parts of the United States not only in health care, but in retail, manufacturing, education, government agencies and the corporate environments. How to assess universal needs and to correctly test designated language groups will be covered. Economic and effective testing methods for universal communication testing will be presented.

A goal for this presentation is to introduce members of the usability professional community the critical need for usability comprehension testing and further research for developing effective universal visual communication, not only in this case study (hospital signage), but in numerous environments, both physical and virtual.

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