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This Product Sucks! 20-minute version for Midwest UX Conference

About the Talk

April 10, 2011 10:10 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Yes, the title of the talk is a real customer quotation Darren experienced first hand.

Products that suck steal money from customers' pockets, waste the time of users' lives, raise users' blood pressure, and inspire customers to doubt the designer's intelligence. Through a mix of embarrassing examples, Darren appeals to the audience to never again design a product that sucks.

The principles of why these products went wrong can apply to any product, industry, or technology, not just the Internet products that most of us work on. So, purposefully, none of the examples in the talk are apps or websites. Darren shares the product issue, the root cause, and what could have been done to prevent these products from sucking.

The examples will make you cringe, laugh, and shake your head. If you've ever designed a product that sucks, please sit up front so if Darren picks on your product he can point you out to the audience.

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