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Exit Strategy at Lexus Group Consultancy in Tokyo, Japan

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May 10, 2002 12:00 PM

260F Lor Chuan, Singapore

260F Lor Chuan, Singapore

Exit Strategy | Selling Your Business

Your business, as an industrialist, is your most-valued possession. Time comes when you must make the decision to sell the business or to hand over the management to the next generation or to simply move on. Whichever step you will take, most certainly, you must exit from the scene and will require the emotional strength considering that you have worked hard yourself to achieve the highest potential for your business.

In preparing for your ultimate exit, it is vital to realize that the value of your business is usually influenced by the status of your financial standing and plans. So many people, however, often miss appreciating this fact. A stable financial strategy increases buyer confidence which will enhance your business valuation and improve chances of completing the deal.

Another consideration of vital significance is that financial investors and business dealers have more confidence in the viability of the business when a reputable third-party advisor handles the financials and strategic planning. Lexus Group will aid you in propounding the highest worth that your business rightly deserves. Lexus Group enter into the picture as a facilitator for attaining an advantageous position for your company’s viable and smooth exit.

Our assistance in this sector involves the following services:

  1. Appreciate the business owner’s objectives and inner motivations

  2. Create a complete exit strategy, business plans, and investment methods

  3. Pinpoint exit alternatives – ideal acquirer, management takeover, or family succession

  4. Determine measures to enhance the business

  5. Improve financial records

  6. Assist the financier or business intermediary

  7. Negotiate and close the deals

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