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The Nature of Information Architecture

A talk by danklyn at Midwest UX 2011

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April 10, 2011 10:10 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Invented by a brick-and-mortar architect in Philadelphia in the 70s and then re-invented by librarians in the Midwest in the 90s, most people who're designing or responsible for the delivery of internet user experience are familiar with "information architecture" as a turn of phrase, or as a job title or project phase. But what IS information architecture? For those who call themselves information architects and perhaps more importantly for those who don't, what is the essence of IA? Why not just call it UX?

In this talk, Dan Klyn posits that even while we're not going to define the damn thing, we can look at the development of the idea of IA over time and see strong affinities and unbroken continuities in an among the past, present and leading-edge expressions of this thing called IA. Bonus: after identifying the nature of IA, you can know whether or not a particular piece of IA work is good or not.

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