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TDD with Chef, DSC and Pester on Windows

A talk by Robb Schiefer

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June 21, 2017 12:00 PM

French PowerShell User Group

French PowerShell User Group

Configuration management is currently all the rage in the DevOps space right now but few are investing in the quality of their configuration code like they do with application code. Yet, all the same benefits apply resulting in a faster feedback loop and ultimately cost/time savings. In this session we will cover how to develop Chef cookbooks (with DSC resources) by writing rspec/Pester tests first. We will review how the red-green-red-green process ensures we have valid and useful tests. For good measure we will also show how mocking works to help isolate your tests. In addition to simple "hello world" demos we will also demo the real-world Chef cookbooks we wrote for our custom order processing system. Chef, Kitchen, rspec, PowerShell, DSC and Pester make for a power combination when used together to write tests which drive the development of your configuration code. Come hear how we use this stack of tools to write our configuration code at EBSCO with high quality.

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